Service purposes

Service purpose, service products, like other tangible products, also emphasize that products can meet different consumer needs. Service enterprises should try to clearly define the service concept of the organization and clarify the specific meaning of the service purpose of the company to consumers and employees.

Service products, like other tangible products, also emphasize that products should be able to meet different consumer needs. Consumer demand in tangible products can be transformed into specific product features and specifications, and these product features and specifications are also the basis of product production, product improvement and product marketing. But these specifications are like castles in the air for a service product. Therefore, service enterprises need to clarify the nature of "service product" or "service purpose".

Service is ultimately provided by employees, especially by those employees who interact with consumers. Therefore, the service purpose of service enterprises should meet the needs of consumers and employees at the same time. In this sense, a service mission must include a set of common values agreed upon by most employees.

When defining the service purpose, the service enterprise must keep the consistency between the foreground and background in the service system. Simply consider the needs of the front desk, while ignoring the background requirements of the service purpose is not the purpose of success; And vice versa.




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