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With the development of science and technology and the improvement of living standards, more and more things are developing in the direction of intelligence, and the lighting industry is no exception. At present, it is an increasingly hot topic for discussion.

What are the requirements of the latest harmonic standards for LED lighting power supply?


As a direct or indirect exporter of 80% of our products, Lyford keeps up with international standard changes and always meets certification requirements. For example, last year's new ERP standard, and so the EU harmonics standard. Lyford has completed the certification and replacement of the products in the trial implementation stage, and now basically all products have met the requirements.

How much do WE know about the evolution of LED lighting from dark to light?


People of modern society is used to to the lamp already, the lamp of a few dollars can be seen everywhere on the net, even we can DIY the lamp of all sorts of styles at home, you can look for a shell that likes, light emitting diode is installed internally, add a few wires again, piece together a little, a simple lamp has been made!

Auto lighting LED become the absolute mainstream of China lighting market


Fili automotive lighting LED into the Chinese lighting market absolute mainstream products, equipped with seiko daimyo craft to create customer identity symbol, from 10 years began to concentrate on product development to accurately meet the highest customer requirements, with originality to do quality consumption upgrade promoter!

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