Analysis of lighting development strategy


With the establishment of automotive lighting Business Division, Foshan Lighting formally established the strategic layout of "lighting, electrician, automotive lighting" three sections. In 2018, the three major sectors burst forth with vigor and power, innovating and pioneering in research and development, production and marketing, demonstrating strong fighting power.

As the Internet enters millions of households, the Internet of everything makes artificial intelligence stand at the center of the stage. In the New Year, Foshan Lighting wants to convey its new thinking on the Internet of Everything era to the outside world. Following the introduction of intelligent lighting solutions in 2018, Foshan Lighting has reached strategic cooperation with Tencent and Alibaba, and nearly 1,000 square meters of intelligent exhibition hall has been built. Intelligent lighting solutions have been successfully implemented in various application fields. In 2019, we will continue to move forward and strengthen cooperation in the upgrading of smart sectors. From product research and development to landing interconnection, we will continue to promote the coverage of smart lighting systems in home furnishing, business lighting, office, education and other fields.

Perhaps for us now, "smart lighting" is a little far away. But from this year, we will see new faces around us, Foshan lighting stores have added intelligent experience space, so that the future in advance, so that intelligence is perceived. Smart life, Foshan lighting wants to open with you.


Analysis of lighting

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