Auto lighting LED become the absolute mainstream of China lighting market


Fili automotive lighting LED into the Chinese lighting market absolute mainstream products, equipped with seiko daimyo craft to create customer identity symbol, from 10 years began to concentrate on product development to accurately meet the highest customer requirements, with originality to do quality consumption upgrade promoter! Led stopped its research and development due to special approval in Japan in 2012, and we announced "Automotive lighting will enter 10 billion Market in 2023" for the first time in the domestic exchange meeting on October 10, 2013 to promote the global automotive lighting market into a high-speed development stage. Led lighting family inside the seiko daimyo process production daimyo process, currently our team for China a total of 40-50 group companies 50-60 secondary dealers, as well as more than 3000 engineers LED become seiko Daimyo technical expert team seiko global research and development market analysis brand building foundation! China's automotive lighting market is a big market in three years! Since China has adopted five-year basic standard and five-year pilot program for auto lighting, we planned to develop a unified global auto lighting standard in 2015 and analyze and study it to meet market demand. Seiko name process producing auto lighting name - still according to the prescription and technology of lighting production car lighting - still in accordance with the lamp bead formula and process production car lighting - still according to the 5 c standard production car lighting - still according to the 3 c standard production car lighting - still according to the wattage size production car lighting, until production automotive lighting, SMD plastic industry standard Shell lamp bead, SMC lamp bead, LED car and SMD car plastic shell lamp bead, bright road lighting and other markets prevail! The core achievement of Seiko daimyo process is the seiko company has a plan and goal for the development of automotive lighting -2020 to achieve 10 billion market, the goal to achieve the absolute mainstream led lighting products in China! Automotive lighting today is mainly composed of two kinds of light bulbs, fluorescent lamp, led, fluorescent lamp is arguably one of the main led lighting products at present, the global almost monopolized by fluorescent lamp, can't, lying in the cop value and ultra-high, luminosity can reach more than 1250 to 1800 lumens, including led technology is also Japan and South Korea imports, Japan and South Korea people worship to flatter Foreign, but in recent years, the rapid development of domestic LED, LED + halogen also has more than 10 billion yuan of sales.

In a word, fluorescent lighting products are pushed after the wave before the wave climb, the dog days are too hot, too hot tomorrow. The LED has a white light effect, which is perfectly fine for high-end cars, which can reach over 1200 lumens, but you may not be able to afford it. So most high-end cars are still fluorescent.

There are too few ultra-high lumens for middle and high-end cars. What's the use of higher than 700 lumens? For example, 650 lumens for Chinese-made Volkswagen cars is enough. Most Nissan cars are above 800 lumens, while our high-end cars are only sold at 700 to 800 lumens. Isn't that right? Most cars are still fluorescent.

As for the power, the power doesn't matter, the headlight system in addition to the photosynthetic efficiency, another is cost, basic are hundreds of thousands of more than 1200 lumens led price, too much more expensive than the headlight assembly, and a light bulb is commonly 100000, and more than 10 headlight assembly, now we domestic export all factory headlight on 2 kw wattage, price also About 30,000, to the top of 2KW, are basically imported from abroad, our home.


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