Quality Control

Quality management refers to all activities that determine quality policy, objectives and responsibilities, and realize them through quality planning, control, guarantee and improvement in the quality system. Mainstream business management education, such as EMBA and MBA, has introduced quality management and its implementation methods.

Julan's basic definition of quality management: quality is applicable management, market-oriented management.

Feigenbaum's definition: Quality management is "in order to be able to the most economic level and fully meet customer requirements under the conditions of market research, design, manufacturing and after-sales service, the development of quality, quality maintenance and quality improvement of various departments within the enterprise constitute an effective system.

Definition of international and national standards: Quality management is "the coordinated activities of the organization that command and control the quality aspect".

The development of quality management is closely related to the development of industrial production technology and management science. The modern concept of quality includes three aspects: sociality, economy and system.



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