Quality culture

Quality culture refers to the sum total of the quality consciousness, quality spirit, quality behavior, quality values, quality image formed in the production and management activities of enterprises, as well as the quality of products or services provided by enterprises. Enterprise quality culture is the core of enterprise culture, and enterprise culture is an important part of social culture. The formation and development of enterprise quality culture reflect the maturity of enterprise culture and even social culture. The cultivation and construction of quality culture is a difficult and long-term process, which needs to be studied and explored from social, cultural, legal, social and psychological perspectives.

As a cultural phenomenon closely related to modern industrial civilization, quality culture has its own unique structural characteristics. Through careful analysis and research on the structural characteristics of quality culture, a basic framework or mechanism can be established for qualitative evaluation and quantitative measurement of quality culture.

From cross-sectional on time, the structural characteristics of mass culture by the material level, behavior level, system level and moral level, the four levels in the order from low to high to form the culture of quality pyramid, is consistent with the resistance characteristics of cultural change, the quality of cultural change resistant characteristics from material level to the moral level gradually increased. Among them, the material level and behavior level are relatively easy to perceive and belong to the shallow level of quality culture, while the institutional level and moral level are relatively easy to perceive and belong to the deep level of quality culture.



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