Era of LED Technology


We already have a number of competent and high-quality professional and technical team. Our products are exported to Europe, Africa and South America, including more than 30 countries and regions such as Britain, Spain, France, Germany, the United States, Brazil, South Africa and South Korea.

South of the Yangtze River, especially in the Pearl River Delta, there are a complete range of light and heavy industrial production enterprises, including electronics, electro-optical, machinery, engineering, chemical, medical equipment and other manufacturers. Young & Bright Technology Com.,Ltd was founded in Hong Kong in April 2015 in order to meet the various needs of our customers around the world and fully develop the unique geographical advantages of the enterprise. Young & Bright Technology is a trading company that provides our global customers with all kinds of high quality and affordable Products made in China. Our products include machinery and equipment, solar products, household appliances, clothing, daily necessities and so on, meeting the different needs of customers around the world.

Young & Bright Opto and Young & Bright Technology

By providing quality products, the best price plan, value-added logistics services, won the high efficiency and accurate mutual benefit of the good reputation.


Era of LED Technology

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