Electronic electrician - Lighting equipment direction


With the development of science and technology and the improvement of living standards, more and more things are developing in the direction of intelligence, and the lighting industry is no exception. At present, it is an increasingly hot topic for discussion. What is the future development direction and market of lighting equipment? The following explains the development of electronics, electricians and lighting industry. Please see the following:

Industry overview

After more than 50 years of development, China's lighting industry has gradually formed a lighting market dominated by traditional lamps such as incandescent lamps and fluorescent lamps. According to the statistics of China Lighting Association, since 1999, China lighting market has entered a stage of rapid development, the overall market size has grown from 45 billion yuan in 1999 to 300 billion yuan in 2008 (including lighting exports). According to the "Opinions on the Development of Semiconductor Lighting Energy Saving Industry" released by the National Development and Reform Commission and other departments in 2009, by 2015, the output value of the semiconductor lighting energy saving industry will increase by about 30% annually, the functional lighting will reach about 20%, the LCD backlight will reach more than 50%, and the market share of landscape decoration products will reach more than 70%. Traditional incandescent lamps and other lighting lamps will gradually withdraw from the lighting market. The output of ordinary incandescent lamps in 2009 was 2.73 billion, 18.3% lower than 3.34 billion in 2008. It is expected that the annual output of incandescent lamps in China will be reduced to 1.42 billion by 2013, and the production and use of incandescent lamps will be completely banned in 2020.

Semiconductor lighting uses LED(Light Emitting Diode) as the Light source. In terms of the application field of semiconductor lighting, it is mainly distributed in three main fields: outdoor lighting, landscape lighting and indoor lighting. With the improvement of LED chip ratio, and integrated with design, control design, thermal design, light lamps and lanterns design, dynamic design and other factors, different light environment oriented application characteristics of various types of semiconductor lighting solution system of perfect and mature, semiconductor lighting has been more and more infiltrated traditional lighting area, gradually get extensive application and popularization.


Electronic electrician - Lighting equipment direction



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