What are the requirements of the latest harmonic standards for LED lighting power supply?


As a direct or indirect exporter of 80% of our products, Lyford keeps up with international standard changes and always meets certification requirements. For example, last year's new ERP standard, and so the EU harmonics standard. Lyford has completed the certification and replacement of the products in the trial implementation stage, and now basically all products have met the requirements.

This is an update from EN 61000-3-2:2014 to EN IEC 61000-3-2:2019/A1:2021. The updates include the scope of application of the standard, new terms and definitions, examples of Class A products, new description of lighting equipment, harmonic current limits, test conditions of products... And many other content.

Because this standard does not have very specific parameter requirements like the ERP standard, the small series only summarizes a few major changes:

The harmonic interference limit of new lighting equipment with rated power less than 25W is increased

The threshold of no harmonic interference limit of lighting equipment below 5W is set

Modified dimming lamp requirements

Added DLT port requirements

Remove reference light source and reference rectifier

Classify stage lighting fixtures as class A equipment

The exemption conditions for control modules with active power not greater than 2W are clarified

Updated test conditions for TV sets and induction cookers

Among them, LED drive power is mainly related to one or two points, that is, from the old version of harmonic below 25W exemption to the new version of harmonic below 5W exemption. In the old standard, lighting equipment with effective power <25 W only applies to the limited value of discharge lamps such as fluorescent lamps. As LED lamps are not discharge lamps, they are exempt from harmonics. In the new standard, all lighting equipment with power exceeding 5 W will be tested for harmonics. Specific details are welcome to Laiford Shenzhen headquarters and professional certification engineers together to discuss.


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