How much do WE know about the evolution of LED lighting from dark to light?


Whose light did you steal when you were a child? Never comb a bitter ten years cold window. Xu Song's "The Moon of Luzhou" once mentioned the story of ancient people chiseled the wall to steal light to learn. Human beings can't evolve from everlasting long night to developed civilization without the lamp. The invention of the lamp is a thick and heavy color in the history of human conquest of darkness!

People of modern society is used to to the lamp already, the lamp of a few dollars can be seen everywhere on the net, even we can DIY the lamp of all sorts of styles at home, you can look for a shell that likes, light emitting diode is installed internally, add a few wires again, piece together a little, a simple lamp has been made!

Ancient times is not so simple, dongfeng night put thousands of trees, more blown, stars such as rain. Ci writers made the picture of the Lantern Festival in the Song Dynasty appear on the paper. Many people imagined that the night in ancient times was also brightly lit.

The reality is that the internal light source of the lamp at that time is basically candles, bamboo and wood strips as lamp frame, placed outside paper-cut as decoration. At that time, the light source was very primitive, not bright enough, and could easily cause fire. The Song Government spent a lot of time on this. According to the "Tokyo Dream Hualu", each lane took 300 paces, and there was a patrol house with five soldiers, and police officers collected and received official duties at night. That is to say, the streets at that time were guarded from a certain distance. These sergeants, also known as firefighters in ancient times, were strictly trained to report fires at night.

This was true in the Song Dynasty, but the kerosene lamp introduced into China in the late Qing Dynasty could not avoid a series of problems. After burning kerosene, polluting gas would be produced, and oil had to be added from time to time. At that time, even eating meat was very luxurious, which was indeed a large expense for ordinary families.

We have often heard that genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration. It's a quote by American inventor Thomas Edison that has become widely known, and in recent years it's been added to the Internet.

Edison experimented with thousands of materials and experienced numerous failures before finally improving and inventing the electric light bulb, which gradually entered the common home. One bulb was as bright as ten kerosene lamps, allowing people to see the world in the dark more clearly. The invention of the light bulb has greatly promoted the development of human society. Edison's story has also been skillfully used in the composition of primary and secondary school students.

Predecessors plant trees and later generations harvest. Today, we not only have incandescent lamps, but also LED lamps and other lighting options. We can't invent the electric light, but we can make it ourselves!

A simple chandelier can be built with a hanger as an exterior decoration!

Clever friends can make origami lamp, with paper folded into a beautiful pattern, decorated in the lamp outside!


LED lighting from dark to light?

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